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Vancouver, BC

The Art Institute of VancouverYou want to learn in an environment that is conducive to your goals, dreams, and creativity.

You want to be surrounded by a network of people who fuel your imagination and inspire you each day. The Art Institute of Vancouver can provide you with both the education and the environment you desire. The school has two campus locations in the heart of downtown Vancouver.

At The Art Institute of Vancouver, you will find a wide variety of programs. From Animation Art & Design to Professional Recording Arts to Fashion Design & Merchandising, you can train to work in some of today's most exciting career fields. The International Culinary School at The Art Institute of Vancouver offers students a doorway into the thrilling, fast-paced culinary world, with training including everything from Culinary Arts to Entrepreneurship & Restaurant Management.

With a modern and innovative approach to education, The Art Institute of Vancouver provides hands-on training and real-life experiences, whether it's an externship at an approved outside establishment or working in the student-run restaurant, you can graduate ready to seek entry-level employment . The helpful staff will be there for you each step of the way. From the Student Affairs Department who works to keep you positive, entertained, and informed to the Financial Planner who helps you seek financial aid (available to those who qualify), you can benefit from the support.

The professional staff is there to guide you and bring out your full creative potential and give you the broad experience you deserve using industry-related technology and equipment. With everything from a surround sound studio, automated music production facility, film soundstage, effects animation labs, games labs, and internet broadcast studio to industrial kitchens, art rooms, and a 40-seat restaurant, you will be provided with the environments that enable you to really flex your creative muscles and create your best work.

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The Art Institute of Vancouver Programs

Design Programs

You are never too busy or too distracted to notice the beauty of your surroundings. Whether it's a painting, a billboard, or an aesthetically pleasing window display, you can't help taking a moment to appreciate it.

You are a designer at heart and The Art Institute of Vancouver can help you hone your skills to make a career out of creating art, whether your finished product is a furnished room, a magazine, or a Web site. Peruse the design programs currently available and find out how a creative atmosphere, a well-rounded curriculum, and an experienced faculty can help you reach your career goals.

Design Programs:

  • Acting - Certificate
  • Advanced Graphic Design - Diploma
  • Graphic Design - Diploma
  • Graphic Design - Bachelor of Applied Design
  • Graphic Design & Foundation for Design - Diploma
  • Interior Design - Diploma
  • Interior Design - Bachelor of Applied Design

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Media Arts Programs

You have a passion for all things entertainment and would love nothing more than to experience the techniques and technologies used to create the latest album, movie, or video game. The Art Institute of Vancouver can take you behind the scenes and help you achieve your career goals in the media arts industry. Browse the selection of media arts programs and see how you can get an education that piques your interest and imagination more and more with each passing day.

Media Arts Programs:

  • 3D Modeling for Animation & Games - Diploma
  • Animation Art & Design - Diploma
  • Digital Film & Video - Diploma
  • Game Art & Design - Diploma
  • Game Programming - Bachelor of Science
  • Independent Recording Arts - Certificate
  • Professional Recording Arts - Diploma
  • Professional Recording Arts (LIPA) - Diploma
  • VFX for Film & Television - Diploma
  • Visual & Game Programming - Diploma
  • Web Design & Interactive Media - Diploma

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Fashion Programs

You are inspired by the work of Coco Chanel, Marc Jacobs, and Donatella Versace. The sight of a Fendi purse or a Prada shoe can make you weak in the knees. You want to make your own mark in the world of fashion, whether it's designing, marketing, managing, or merchandising.

The Art Institute of Vancouver 'gets it,' and with a selection of innovative fashion programs and an atmosphere that promotes and encourages your imaginative side they can help you reach your career goals and immerse yourself in the thrilling and fast-paced fashion industry. Explore the available fashion programs and take the first step down the runway toward your exciting career future!

Fashion Programs:

  • Fashion Design - Diploma
  • Fashion Marketing - Diploma

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Culinary Arts Programs

Your perfect evening would involve experimenting with ingredients to whip up your latest culinary creation and seeing the enjoyment on the faces of your friends and family as they taste the final product. Imagine an exciting career in the culinary industry that allows you to spend each day cooking up a storm. The International Culinary School at The Art Institute of Vancouver can help make your career goals a reality with culinary arts training. Check out their available programs and get ready to enjoy the heat of the kitchen!

Culinary Arts Programs:

  • Baking & Pastry Arts - Diploma
  • Baking & Pastry Arts Level 1 - Certificate
  • Culinary Arts - Diploma
  • Culinary Arts Level 1 - Certificate
  • Culinary Arts & Restaurant Ownership - Advanced Diploma
  • Entrepreneurship & Restaurant Management - Diploma
  • Event Management - Diploma
  • Hospitality & Restaurant Business Management - Diploma

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The Art Institute of Vancouver Location

2665 Renfrew St
Vancouver BC V5M 0A7

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The Art Institute of Vancouver

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