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Career and Education ArticlesDeciding on a career path can be challenging.

With a multitude of resources offering varying facts and figures, knowing where to turn for reliable data and guidance can be a big job in itself.

Here you will find a collection of comprehensive resources that outline answers to some of the top questions you may be asking (or haven't yet thought to ask) about a wide range of occupations.

You can find well-researched and conveniently compiled data about educational requirements, licensing and certification, job descriptions, career outlook, Canadian salary estimates, and a lot more.

You could even gain insight into whether a particular field is a match for your unique strengths and interests, and find details about trade schools, vocational schools, colleges, or universities where you can obtain the training you need to get started. Plus, each article is broken down into easy-to-read sections, so you don't have to spend your valuable time sorting through the details. The information you want is at your fingertips.

The leg-work has been done for you. All that's left to do is explore the career-specific articles listed below in order to learn more about some of the most popular options. Get started today!

Education and Career-Related Articles

The Highest-Paying Skilled Trade Jobs in Canada: Explore Traditional and Unique Possibilities new

  • Take a look at some of the highest-paying skilled trade jobs in the country. Additionally, explore possibilities in less traditional sectors that you may have never considered until now.

43 Fun Jobs for Canadians Who Want to Love What They Do new

  • Explore several fun careers that often pay well. Discover enjoyable job options for all kinds of personalities. And learn about some of the most distinctly Canadian jobs that, although relatively rare, seem like they'd be a blast to have.

15 Great Careers in Demand: Prepare Yourself for a Fabulous Future

  • Discover 15 awesome careers in demand across Canada. Explore how much they pay, how many job openings are estimated, and what provinces have the highest demand. Get ready to uncover the perfect job for you!

Summer Jobs 2017: Explore Your Possibilities

  • Take a look at the kinds of summer jobs that you could consider pursuing to help you earn some cash, gain valuable experience, and even have fun while you are at it.

Highest-Paying Jobs in Canada With Strong Career Outlooks

  • Prepare to determine your career goals and boost your potential by discovering some of the highest-paying jobs that are projected to have a large number of openings across Canada in the 2015-to-2024 period.

What a Liberal Majority Means for Young Canadians

  • Discover how you might benefit as a college student or young career seeker from some of the promises made by Justin Trudeau and the majority Liberal government. You may be surprised at the opportunities that could be in store for you.

Highest Paying Jobs Without a Degree

  • Canada is home to several fast-growing industries in which you can find high-paying positions without having to obtain a degree. See if there is a perfect career path for you!

24 Great Jobs That Pay $25 Per Hour or More in Canada

  • Explore your options for jobs that pay $25 per hour and higher in Canada. There are a surprising number of fun and interesting opportunities in sectors ranging from business and health care to skilled trades and technology!

23 Great Travelling Jobs That Pay Well in Canada

  • Learn about 7 stand-out careers that require travel, are quick to train for, and span several exciting vocational areas!

The High Value of Trade School: 5 Proven Advantages

  • Learn what makes trade school a great option compared to a traditional college or university education. From increased salary potential, to flexibility and variety of training options, trade school has plenty of advantages!

Red Seal Chef Certification: 8 Frequently Asked Questions

  • Uncover pertinent information regarding Red Seal chef certification, including how you can obtain it, which financial support programs are available, and what the salary expectations are once certification is achieved.

Red Seal Trades: What They Are & How to Get Into One

  • Find out everything you need to know about Red Seal endorsement, including what it means, how to get it, and why it's a good idea to pursue.

Why BC Apprenticeship Training Is More Valuable Than Ever

  • Learn more about how an exciting new policy in BC is giving apprentices great opportunities for employment in the trades.